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The lead voice in our horn section is usually clarinet.
One of the most famous jazz clarinetists was Benny Goodman.
Our version of Louie Prima's "Sing Sing Sing" is a tribute to him.

Perhaps the most prolific jazz composer was Duke Ellington.
Three of the charts in our book are from his pen.

Although from the beginning, Chicago's
intention was to be the rock'n'roll band with horns,
jazz's influence on them is undeniable. We play a couple of their tunes.

We have a scripted set called "History Of Jazz."
We also have a chart called "Ode To Jazz," which covers that history in a single arrangement
(of the familiar theme from Beethoven's Ninth).
The styles covered include ragtime, blues, dixieland, swing, bop, latin, progressive jazz, & jazz-rock.

We perform a few numbers by other arrangers, but mostly we have original arrangements.
In addition, our original compositions include:

Cobra Dance

Enigma #4

H. P. Shuffle

Just Thinkiní

Pepper Sauce

Trithurnia Suite

Virginia Reel Fun

Yesterday Was A Nightmare

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